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by sally thomson on 06/19/15

Welcome to my mind muses! Where I talk about whatever. Comments are welcome, I want to know what you think.

For my first post, I'd like to give you some of my background. Born and raised a city girl, as soon as I could I ran to the country, and never looked back. I've lived on my 53 acres for over 20 years now, and don't plan on moving any time soon. Or maybe I will, if my husband can persuade me to! We have two wonderful children, grown now - or so they think. My daughter is still at home, but I can see the day when she will fly away, following her brother to start her own life. I dread that day; it was hard enough when my son decided to move out. What will I do with no children left? 
Of course, I'll still have my best friend and love of my life, my husband. He is the greatest, and I am looking forward to having him all to myself soon. 
There's lots to do on our acres, from working Border Collies to taking care of the sheep and goats. There's also eggs to be gathered, the fish pond to tend, and the garden to look after. The pace is seldom slow around here.
I teach at a small school three miles from home. Now that's a good commute! I have been there 14 years, teaching in the elementary grades. I love the kids, love teaching, but the education system! Don't let me get started on that! I'll save that rant for another day.
I have always loved writing, and have done it all my life. It was only recently that I decided to venture out and actually get something published. It's been a great experience. The best part is the actual writing. Preparing the manuscript for publication is second. The hardest part for me is the marketing. I'm working hard on it, though, and gathering all the information I can about the ins and outs.
I hope you will try one of my books. "Lunch Date" is my first, and "Reservations" is a sequel. I'm working on a "threequel" I guess you'd call it, due to lots of requests for "what happens next". I'm also working on a new project: a science fiction series involving time travel. I'll keep everyone posted about these new projects.
For now, I'll close. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. Talk to you soon!

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1. Leslie said on 7/15/15 - 08:27PM
Fun to read your blog! Can't wait to read your new series and look forward to reading your "threequel"!

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